The film: I Am Chut Wutty


“At first, I didn’t expect they would target me”—Chut Wutty is a quiet, charismatic environmental activist. He is coordinating a network of protesters in Prey Lang forest, Cambodia, where deforestation destroys people’s livelihoods. But when the military arrive, Wutty is thrown to the ground at gunpoint. Immediately he is rescued by the network. Wutty is shaken but keeps going, determined to stop the destruction. Five months later at a logging site in the Cardamom Mountains Wutty is stopped and shot dead. In the aftermath, we ask, who is behind the killing, and can the network fight for the forest without him?

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I am Chut Wutty
Fran Lambrick
Fran Lambrick
Outreach Producer
Virginia Cromie
Executive Producers
Vicky Jewson; Rob Lemkin
The making of the film
From 2010—2011, Producer/Director Fran Lambrick lived in Prey Lang forest, researching the causes of deforestation and the effects of community forest management. During that period rubber companies were established that cleared native forest, built custom, company owned housing, and displaced local people. Immersed in the communities, it was startling to see the transformation from a traditional, independent way of life, to wage labour in the rubber plantations, working day and night under gruelling conditions. The tangled web of corruption that enables the illegal logging and land grabs, spans the military, local operators and well-connected businessmen, and reaches right to the highest levels of government. The film aimed to tell the story of the people living in Prey Lang as their lands and lives are transformed by deforestation. As the filmmakers set out, they met Chut Wutty – a Cambodian activist at the forefront of the battle to defend Prey Lang. Witnessing the violent attacks on him, and his determination to carry on despite the risks, the news of Wutty’s murder was nevertheless a bitter shock. And the film became testament to the courage and sacrifice of a man facing grave danger to defend his country’s natural heritage.