N1M Trust is a charity registered in England and Wales, no. 1182322, established in 2019.

The Trust partners with Not1More, making grants to support environmental human rights defenders, by engaging in public education, and supporting efforts to uphold human rights and to protect the environment.

Who we are:

Jethro Pettit

Dr Jethro Pettit is a consultant and facilitator of learning in the field of international development, focused on issues of participation, civil society, social movements, governance, gender, human rights and the environment. He designs and leads courses, workshops, research and evaluations for development agencies, foundations and universities in the Americas, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Jethro is an Emeritus Fellow of the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, UK, where he was previously Director of Teaching and Learning. 

Maureen Grant

Maureen Grant is a community activist who has lived in Bradford since the 1980s. She worked for many years at the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust and is now retired. Maureen has extensive experience in education and working on tackling racial justice issues. Currently, she is a volunteer presenter at the community radio station, Bradford Community Broadcasting (BCB), and also produces and presents her own monthly radio programme, Race Matters. For many years Maureen has been active in working with communities in West Yorkshire to challenge discrimination and create a strong base from which to exercise their rights.

Yannick Ndoinyo

Yannick Ndoinyo is a human rights and nature defender from Tanzania, and the Executive Director of Traditional Ecosystems Survival Tanzania (TEST) Trust. Yannick is leading in work on decolonisation, bringing Indigenous knowledge to sustainable land management. He is currently studying for a Masters of Science degree at the University of Oxford in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management. Yannick has been evicted from Maasai lands twice in his life. He is an elder in his community.

Rachel Huxley

Dr Rachel Huxley is Director of Knowledge and Learning, responsible for C40’s knowledge management and research.  Rachel has been with C40 for over 5 years during which time she has led the priority research programme on the co-benefits of urban climate action and overseen the launch of C40’s flagship Knowledge Hub.  Rachel holds a PhD on Sustainable Cities at the University of Leeds.  Prior to this Rachel was Chief Executive of Peterborough Environment City Trust, leading the Trust’s work in Peterborough as well as establishing a UK-wide network of leading sustainable cities to share of best practice. 

Montse Ferrer

Montse Ferrer is lawyer specialising in corporate responsibility, accountability and international crimes. She originally worked in the private sector but moved to the charity sector to have greater impact working for transparency and social justice. Montse is a researcher on business, security and human rights at Amnesty International, particularly leading on corporate crime. In her previous role at the Geneva-based NGO, Trial, Montse worked on a powerful legal case in West Africa, linking deforestation to the war crime of pillage at the European courts.