Not1More (N1M) is an environmental campaign group that supports frontline environmental defenders and investigates the root causes of environmental conflict. Led by three women, N1M was founded in 2016, with the purpose of developing innovative, equitable and evidence-based strategies to address the most pressing challenges of our time. Bringing global backing and expertise to support those at the frontline of environmental protection, N1M investigates environmental conflict and crime, working closely with at-risk defenders and communities in Cambodia, West Africa and Brazil.

We aim to support environmentalists at risk, who defy threats and intimidation to protect nature. Protecting our environment is the most important job anyone could take on, it shouldn’t be one of the most dangerous.

Chut Wutty, Cambodian forest defender, said “The forest is like the skin protecting our bodies. Without it, we couldn’t survive.” In 2012, Chut Wutty set out to investigate an illegal logging site in the Cardamom Mountains. Armed military, moonlighting for the logging company, stopped the car, grabbed the team’s cameras and, as tension mounted, shot Wutty through the car door.

Front line environmental defenders commit themselves, sacrificing their time, their resources, their careers, even their freedom, to protect nature. They do so to keep the environment free from exploitation, diverse and abundant.

Yet those who protect our world face violent reprisals.

Globally, four environmental and land defenders are killed every week. In Cambodia, the situation has worsened since Wutty’s death. Civil society, environmental and human rights defenders and political figures are attacked, legally and physically. Brave activists fighting to protect Cambodia’s mangrove forests from sand mining have been criminalised, and yet continue to campaign for a free, living, protected natural environment. And they are winning important victories.

We want all who stand up to defend nature to be safe, and to be free.

To live with freedom
Chut Wutty


Environmental defenders are often isolated. Many live and campaign in remote locations, cut off from the media, human rights groups and public support, and they are therefore vulnerable to arrests or deadly attacks. Our goal is to raise awareness for the work of environmental defenders at risk and to engage a wide community to offer direct and practical support.


To many environmental defenders support is inaccessible because the information on how to get emergency funds, advocacy, legal advice etc., is dispersed, or not available in their languages. Our goal is to create avenues for environmental defenders to access existing support by creating open source multi-lingual information, and holding events where defenders can share their needs with environmental and human rights groups.


Environmental lawyer, Batista Afonso, who faces regular threats for his work to support rural land defenders and forest activists in Pará, Brazil, said “Impunity is like a license to kill.” N1M will push for independent investigations and pursue cases that have a critical impact.