The week of October 21st, 2019, we heard the stories of highly at-risk frontline defenders at the 3rd International Forest Defenders Conference in Pará, Brazil. While the meeting was staggering in terms of the power and hope embodied in the gathering of Indigenous representatives, social movements, activists, and lawyers — it was also heartbreaking.

We heard people from across the country speak about the brutality of Brazil under Bolsonaro. In a closed meeting, for those most at risk, fifteen land and forest defenders shared their stories. Over twenty at the meeting were facing death threats.

Claudelice Santos at the Forest Defenders Conference, 2019 / copyright Selen Çatalyurekli, 2019

With state sponsored protection programs evaporating, many of those who are at highest risk are facing devastating choices in the coming months. Some of these defenders have travelled hundreds of miles to report death threats only to be refused help by the police; for some the killers of their friends or family members are living free in their communities; some are struggling to get recognition as being Indigenous, because their people have been almost entirely exterminated.

We are reaching out to you, as friends and allies, to help us respond to these urgent needs. Your donation will go towards implementing emergency security plans created to match the needs of specific at-risk individuals. For example, to get security cameras in their homes; to fund relocation during a high-risk period; to pay for medical care; or to help support personal physical security.

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Defenders of our earth are facing terror in their fight to protect forests, lands and water. Please help - join the struggle now to secure our shared future.

Cacique Babau (Rosivaldo Ferreira da Silva) in the Tupinambá Indigenous Territory / copyright Leon Sampaio
Cacique Babau (Rosivaldo Ferreira da Silva) in the Tupinambá Indigenous Territory / copyright Leon Sampaio

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Not One More works directly with frontline environmental activists and defenders to support them to continue their work but also improve their security conditions. We provide practical assistance to those at the frontline in terms of equipment, financial support and specialist training.