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Assassination plot against Cacique Babau leader of the Tupinambá indigenous people uncovered

14th February 2019 Salvador, Brazil / London, UK

Donate to Babau In the context of a concerted attack on indigenous rights and civil freedoms being carried out by the Bolsonaro government in Brazil, human rights group Not1More and academic experts, call for the urgent investigation of the threats and planned assassinations of the Tupinambá leadership, in Bahia.

Cacique Babau, 44, is the leader of the Tupinambá Indigenous Territory in southern Bahia, comprising 37,000 ha, and home to 4600 indigenous people. At the end of January he uncovered a plan for the murder of himself and his family members, including a teenager, hatched between individuals opposed to the demarcation of their territory. The plan was to be executed with the participation of public officials, who had participated in meetings aimed at designing the attacks. Babau has appealed for help to the Government of Bahia and the Federal Public Ministry.

With a robust set of evidence, including testimony from witnesses and security camera footage, the Tupinambá denounced the plan in face-to-face meetings with officials from the State Government of Bahia, the Federal Government, the Federal Public Ministry, international bodies and entities committed to the protection of human rights.

Donations collected here will be transferred to Cicique Babau, who has recently spent 9000 Brazilian Reais on transport for his security, and has only a very small amount left in his bank account. The community have ongoing legal costs relating to security and demarcation of their territory, amounting to around 10,000 USD over the next several months. Any support that you give will be transferred to Babau and the Tupinambá.

Cacique Babau (Rosivaldo Ferreira da Silva) in the Tupinambá Indigenous Territory / copyright Leon Sampaio
Cacique Babau (Rosivaldo Ferreira da Silva) in the Tupinambá Indigenous Territory / copyright Leon Sampaio