Callout for Cycle Ride to COP26 Autumn 2021
London to Glasgow 15th to 30th October


Come and join us on a collective journey to bring grassroots solutions to the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow. We’ll be leaving London on Friday 15th October and cycling through Birmingham, Manchester, Carlisle and on to Glasgow – exploring as we go. This will be a solidarity ride, in partnership with environmental defenders across the world who are risking their freedom and sometimes their safety to protect the environment.  On arrival to the COP26 in Glasgow we will partner up with groups on the ground to bring direct, grassroots solutions to the Climate Conference at a critical time in our history on this planet!

Key information about our journey:

●   The cycle ride will involve linking up with community gardens, activist camps, and land projects along the way to gather inspiration, hope, facts, demands and find hot showers, fires and dinners together.

●     Each day’s cycle will be approximately 44 miles (71 kilometers), this is considered a leisurely pace for cycle tours. This pace provides for us to cover the route within the allotted two weeks while allowing cyclists time to connect with each other and to the community spaces that we visit throughout the journey.

  We’ll be sleeping in indoor community spaces along the route further North, and we will be mainly camping in the southern parts of the journey. We’ll provide a vehicle to help transport camping equipment.

●   The stories that we gather from the community spaces and camps we visit along the way, will feed into an arts exhibition as part of the COP26 Summit itself.

  Along the way we will hear stories, receive short films and have conversations with activists from Brazil, Turkey, Guinea-Bissau, Nigeria, and Cambodia, to learn about the global struggle we are a part of.

  People of mixed abilities are welcome (you don’t have to be a professional cyclist!) but some experience cycling long distances in autumnal weathers is helpful and you’ll need to have a bike that can do long distances.

  Food will be provided all the way along the route, including breakfast, lunch and dinners for an inclusive range of dietary requirements.

  We’ll arrive in Glasgow for the last weekend of October to celebrate, gather, and prepare for the Climate Summit beginning 1st November.

●   Once we arrive in Glasgow, you are welcome to go and take part in the Climate Summit in the way you want. We will partner with some groups running environmental and community activities in Glasgow, which you are welcome to take part in if you like. We will help to link people up and find crash space in Glasgow, but it is not part of something we are organising officially as Together We Ride (please get in touch if you’re struggling to find a place to stay, or let us know if you can help to link us up with crash space in Glasgow).

●   We will regroup in Glasgow for our ‘Together We Ride’ Arts Piece as part of the COP26. The COP runs for the first 2 weeks of November and will attract an incredible grassroots summit to be a part of. The way and extent to which you are involved is completely up to you. Everyone will make their own way back from Glasgow independently.

●   The ride will cover your food / accommodation for the journey. We are asking for a donation on a sliding scale between £80 (unwaged / student) – £300 (waged) this can help to go towards the cost of food, accommodation, mechanics, accessible transport, preparations for the COP, etc. Your generosity goes towards helping others in attending the ride. Do get in touch if you need support with the minimum donation stated. 

●   Is there a creative vision or workshop that you’d like to share on this ride and for the COP26 in Glasgow? This could be music, visual arts, poetry, photography, videography, storytelling, sculpture, etc.


Contact Justine and Rose for any more information at:
This project is supported by the organisation Not1More, raising awareness about environmental defenders and forest activists, and PAM