On average, four defenders are killed every week across the world.
Our mission is for everyone who defends the earth to be safe and to be free.

We are a small organisation led by defenders. As a donor or volunteer your impact will go directly to the heart of helping to protect people and forests. Currently we are fundraising to buy land in the Amazon and build a self-care center and respite house, Casa de Respiro Florestal. This will be a place of refuge for environmental defenders who are threatened with murder because of the critical work that they do.

Claudelice Santos, founder of the Zé Claudio and Maria Foundation, Pará, Brazil

As featured on the Guilty Feminist Podcast, Claudelice Santos explains the threats that environmental defenders in Brazil face while standing up for the forest. Now is the time for all of us to step up and offer protection for those who urgently need a safe space to heal and recover. Every two weeks, an environmental defender is murdered in Brazil. Help us raise £100,000 to create a safe place for human rights defenders in the Amazon to gather, rejuvenate and create. The best things happen when people can come together in a safe space in solidarity.

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We have opportunities to volunteer in a number of our thematic areas, whether you want to start local or help us build our international work, get in touch.

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A BIG thank you to our speakers on the #ForumBHR’s Closing Plenary: @volker_turk H.E. Federico Villegas @UN_HRC Nizar Ben Sghaier, Benito Calixto Guzman, Nguon Vedtey @N1MNot1More Jandyra Uehara Alves @CUT_Brasil @CarolinaOlarteB and @robsuarezsantos @ioevoice @WGBizHRs

The 6000 acre estate near me, whose multi-roomed mansion lies, with deep irony, entirely empty of residents, is evicting my friends and their five children from their 3 bedroom cottage which has been their home for 26 years…

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